Soc exp 1000 Sand Wurms

You must complete the Key to Dragon Land Quest before you can start this quest. You will undoubtedly hate this quest. You must complete this quest before you can hunt Dragons

  • Location: Dragon Land
  • Reward: Sand Wurm Glands (necklace) / Ability to Hunt Dragons
  • Difficulty: Difficult

  • Part 1: Travel to Dragon Land and speak with The Watcher. He is tricky to get to you have to be extremely careful. Bring along Freedom Pots and Cure Greater Disease Pots. Set your spawn in the Dragon Land, travel North West, stay between the mountains and the River of Fire. You will come across lone building, go down the stairs. Do not fight any dragons you see keep running!
  • Part 2: Kill 1000 Sand Wurms. Grab a buddy to help you. Return to The Watcher when you have finished for your reward. Receive Sand Wurm Glands. You can now hunt Dragons!