Soc exp 200 Fire Elementals

You complete Sutekh's Stolen Gems Quest before you can start this mission. You have to go down the ladder by the River of Fire otherwise your kills will not count. Grab some help when hunting Fire Elementals. Save any Fire Dust you collect for the 35 Fire Dusts and 50 Fire Dusts Quests.

  • Location: Khafra
  • Reward: Brimidian Miners Ring
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Khafra and speak with Plsani. He is near the Alchemy Shop.
  • Part 2: Kill 200 Fire Elementals. Fire Elemantals are located far South of town on the edge of SoC Land, called the River of Fire. Make sure you go down the ladder otherwise your kills will not count. Return to Plsani for your reward. Receive Brimidian Miners Ring.