Soc exp Access Portal to Rahura

Completing this Quest provides access to a portal to the other portion of SoC Lands. It will also allow you to speak with Sutekh to begin the Sutekh's Stolen Gems Quest. Be prepared, this is a long quest, buddy up with another player for the Elemental part. Save any Fire Dust you loot for the 35 Fire Dusts and 50 Fire Dusts Quests.

  • Location: Khafra/Fishing Village
  • Reward: Access Portal to Rahura
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Khafra and speak with Nasif. He is located North West of town in the Fishing Village.
  • Part 2: Kill 75 Locust Swarms. Return to Nasif when you have finished.
  • Part 3: Kill Undead Artonian Guardians until the Magnetic Resonator drops into your backpack. Undead Artonian Guardians are located South West of town in a crypt along the coast. Their spawn in very light. Return to Nasif when you have finished.
  • Part 4: Kill Fire Elementals until the Fire Elemental Core drops into your backpack. Fire Elemntals are located far South of town at the edge of SoC Land. Watch out for Lava Mold, the Fire Elemental boss! Return to Nasif when you have finished to gain access to the Portal to Rahura.