Ae exp Afflicted Tree

This is a must do quest for mages who are low level. Best INT pants you can use for a while.

  • Location: Krog
  • Reward: Naturalist Greaves
  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Part 1: Travel to Krog and speak with Alchemist Singafod. He is located in the Targon Hall. He will tell you that he is from Jeel and he specializes in plant illnesses. He will tell you about a rare new disease that is afflicting trees near Maraket. He wants you to get a sample on each tree and take them to Chief Researcher Dander in Maraket.
  • Part 2: There are 3 trees you have to find. All you have to do is click on the Tree and you will get a quest update. Once you have all 3 samples march South to Marakat and speak with Dander. Here are the Sextant coordinates for each tree.
1.) Cedar Tree X:2974, Y:3852
2.) Peach Tree X:3091, Y:3903
3.) Oak Tree X:3057, Y:3954
  • Part 3: Dander is located in the Potion shop North East part of town. After talking with him he will do an test and discover that the disease is actually tiny organisms eating the trees. Yum... Time to return to Singaford in Krog. Receive Naturalist Greaves.