Tr exp Artraxis Quest

Even though this is walking quest it is listed as Intermediate because of the dangerous areas you must travel through. Recommended to be a higher level with a speed buff otherwise you will most certainly die. Completing this quest will grant you access to Atraxis. You must have Forged Skull Shield quest completed before doing the first task.

  • Location: Artraxis Castle
  • Reward: Access to Artraxis
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Hammerfist and head north past Hammerfist Mine, through the mountain passage and into Wyvern Territory. Head northwest until you find a mountain pass bellow the coastline. From there follow the pass east and then south until you find the entrance to the outer part of Artraxis's Castle.
  • Part 2: There is a small building on the east edge of the castle with a trap door inside, head down the trap door. Speak with Darok the Banished and he will tell you exact revenge on Artaxis for him. He will send you out to collect several pieces of Artraxis. Each piece will give you 15k experience.
  • Part 3: This first piece is Artaxis's cloak that was ripped off by a ghoul. Travel to Gnobol Manor southeast of Farstead Keep and enter the secret room in the southwest corner by clicking the harp. Inside click on the bookshelves until you get a quest update. Return to Darok the Banished.
  • Part 4: The second piece Darok will send to you the ruins of Osgarl which was destroyed by Artaxis. Here a splinter of wood from his spear was lost. There are 2 ways to get there.
1.) Head into Wyvern Territory and travel southwest towards the mountain pass to Hammerfist, head west past the pass and then head north.
2.) Head into Wyvern Territory and follow the northern coast west until it drops south and then continue to head south once the coast bends west again.
If you start to see Skeletal Fiends you are in the right area. Inside Osgarl look for a trap door which is behind a wall near a sign. Inside there are piles of bones, click on the piles until you get a quest update. Return to Darok the Banished.
  • Part 5: The third piece Darok will send you the Hammerfist Mine where Artaxis lost his horns in a great battle with the Orcs. There are 2 ways to get there.
1.) From Hammerfist you can head north to enter the mine, however you need a key to get inside (kill Orc Miners until you get a message).
2.) From Artraxis's Castle head back into Wyvern Territory and wrap around north until you find the coast. From there follow the coast east then south until you find the east entrance to the mine. If you hit the Rune Spire you've gone too far.
Inside you have to find an open barrel, and there are alot of barrels! Follow this route to find the right barrel.
1.) Should you enter from the east entrance you simple travel all the way south until the map forces you west.
2.) Should you enter through the north entrance wrap around and head south, head east at the ┴ and then south.
You will find a shack with some barrels inside. Click on the barrels until you get a quest update. Return to Darok the Banished.
  • Part 6: The fourth piece Darok will send you to the Destroyed Temple of Isos where a piece of Artaxis's sword was shorn off. Travel southwest from Duremar to find the ruined temple, there you will find a stairway (same area as the Inscription Rubbings quest). Click on the piles of bones on the west side of the underground area until you get a quest update. Return to Darok to complete this quest. You have now become attuned to enter the chamber of Artaxis to exact revenge!