Tr exp Blessed Amulet of Isos

Quite alot of walking in this quest, get yourself a speed buff.

  • Location: Valmond
  • Reward: Blessed Amulet of Isos
  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Part 1: Travel to Valmond and speak with Thomas Crosse. He is located the Temple of Isis, bellow the bank. He will tell you how he lost his book and to speak with Father Ven who is located in the room right next to you.
  • Part 2: Father Ven says he does not have the book but that he lent it to Vandar Tarnol at the Dancing Bull Inn. The Inn is located in the Northwest part of town above the Western Docks. Go there and speak with Innkeeper Felice. She says Vandar is no longer there but we can look at his belonging. Search dresser in the 2nd room down on the right hand side to get a quest update, an Old Ledger. Click on the book and it will read that he took it to Duremar to sell it to Tolgar.
  • Part 3: Travel to Duremar and speak with Tolgar. He is located inside the Rivenfrost Inn in the lower left room. He will tell you that he sold it to a wizard named Krestin in Valmond. After punching him for selling the book head back to Valmond go to the Green Barrow Inn in the middle of town.
  • Part 4: Speak with Innkeeper Elros and ask where you can find Krestin. You must talk to Elros before you can speak to Krestin. He tells you that the book is of no use and left it in the basement. There is a ladder in the top most room of the Inn. Click on the dresser for a quest update, Cornerstone of Isos.
  • Part 5: After reading the book return to Thomas Crosse for your reward. Receive Blessed Amulet of Isos.