Tr exp Blue Crystalline Ring

The orbs are an actual item that drops into your backpack. There will be a counter so you cannot acquire them through trade to complete the quest. Good area to collect silk and gems if you need them.

  • Location: Farstead Keep
  • Reward: Blue Crystalline Ring
  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Part 1: Travel to Farstead Keep and speak with Talrych Athain, he is located in the room next to the bank. He will instruct you to collect 12 Crystal Orbs from Web Spinner Spiders.
  • Part 2: Head directly North of the Keep. There is a spawn right bellow Hammerfirst. Can hunt either outside or inside the cave. Once you collect all 12 return to Talrych Athain for your reward (no dialogue upon completion). Receive Blue Crystalline Ring