Ae exp Entering Mainland

Ready to move on to the rest of the world? First things first. Once you leave Valinor you can never go back so make sure you are 100% sure before leaving. In saying that there are a few things you should make sure of prior to leaving.

Valinor Orb Reset

1.) Make sure your character is leveled properly. The biggest mistake new players make is orbing their character wrong. If you need help wondering where to put your orbs you can look at Orbs and Attributes or Player Builds or just ask ingame. If you need to fix your orbs no need to worry. There is a free orb reset on Valinor Island you can cash in on prior to leaving.

Wolf Pup Totem

2.) Make sure to get Totem of the Wolf Pup. If you are new to Ashen Empires you might not know what totems are, you can see Totems for more information, but before you leave you absolutely want to make sure you acquire Totem of the Wolf Pup. This items increases your attack speed which is invaluable! There are other totems that increase your attack speed but are very rare, this will ensure you at least have something until you get a better one.

3.) Make sure you have a good sense of how to play the game. Valinor Island after all is there for a reason, to learn how to play the game. Granted there is alot more to experience outside of Valinor however to pick up the basics go ahead and take your time there. However, if you have any questions feel free to ask in game. There are plenty of people who are willing to help out.

4.) Special Notes. Once you are on the mainland it's very important to know these couple of things. First of all you are no longer under the protection of a new area. Unlike on Valinor Island if you die outside a No Drop Zone everything in your backpack will stay in your corpse (in the image of a grave) until you retrieve it. If you wait too long the headstone will become cracked and will be open to looting where any player can steal your belongings. Eventually the grave will disappear and your belongings will sit on the ground until they disappear forever. If you cannot get to your corpse don't freak out. You can always purchase a Summon Corpse from The Store which will automatically bring your corpse to you. Second if you die outside a Safe Zone your weapons/armor max hp will be reduced by 5hp. If your max hp drops to 0 your weapons/armor will be destroyed. The only way to repair the max hp is by purchasing a Restore Durability from The Store. Lastly if you are on the Heros Sever (pvp) you will be open to attack by other players. If you do not with to partake in pvp I would suggest playing on the Legends Sever (non pvp).

Leaving Valinor

Leaving Valinor

In the North East part of town you will see a portal with a guard named Island Steward. You may leave Valinor at anytime, when you are ready to leave speak with him. There is alot of dialogue but there is only 1 main thing you need to pay attention to. What town to head to. This is VERY important, we will go over that next. For now here is your 3 options and where you should head to. After you make your selection and finish the dialogue click on 'yes' and head through the portal and you will be transported to the town of your choosing.

  • Silvest - Mages (humans INT)
  • Krog - Warriors (orcs STR)
  • Whisperdale - Archers (elves DEX)


Congratulations you are on the mainland. But now what? Well next step in your journey is to align yourself with the town you chose. Here we will cover the steps you need to take in Silvest.
(It is entirely possible I have the 2 steps in the wrong order, I will fix it if that is the case)

Silvest Patron

1.) First thing you want to do is speak with the Town Patron which is the towns leader. You can find him in the Government Building. In Silvest the Town Patron is Aelfwyn. There is a hefty amount of dialogue but eventually he will ask if you wish to align yourself with Silvest and will give you a task to do. These are called Patron Quests. You can read more about these Here.

Silvest Steward

2.) Second thing is to speak with the Silvest Steward. To find him leave the building you are in and follow the road North. You will find yourself at the Silvest Spawn Gate. After selecting your spawn go ahead and speak with the Silvest Steward who is standing right there. Here you can complete your alignment with Silvest. By doing so you will be granted 1 additional orb in the INT stat allowing you to progress to 101 INT for endgame gear and weapons.

3.) The steps taken in Krog and Whisperdale will be the same. Speak with the Patron in the Government Building and then speak with the Steward near the towns Spawn Gate. In Krog you will be granted 1 additional orb in the STR stat. In Whisperdale you will be granted 1 additional orb in the DEX stat. If you need help figuring out who to speak with just ask ingame. Otherwise, if requested, I would be happy to create a tutorial for those 2 towns as well.

The World Is Yours

Congratulations you are all set up! There are LOTS of options and ways to play the game. What you do is up to you. Here are a few final notes to get you going in the mainland.

  • Guilds - If you are familiar with online games you have probably heard of guilds. There are many different guilds, some more popular than others. They are a great way to become friends with other players and receive help. Many have houses called Guild Halls that are warehouses of armor, weapons, and supplies that everyone shares with each other. Just ask out ingame which guilds are looking for members. You can read more about guilds Here.
  • Gear - There is alot of gear in this game...I mean ALOT of gear. It will probably take you a while to become used to what is and isn't good gear. Don't be afraid to ask ingame what weapons and armor to use. You can also consult to look up gear and weapons, they even have a gear optimizer that can auto select the best gear for your level depending on the requirements you set forth.
  • Quests - There are ALOT of quests in the game and they can be a great way to level up your character. Many of them reward excellent gear upon completing. You can view the different quests the game has Here.
  • VIP - VIP is a paid subscription program that keeps the server alive. Though the purchase of tokens on the website you can purchase VIP in increments of 1, 3, and 6 Months at a time. Whereas you do not need VIP to play the game sufficiently it has many benefits including increased experience. You can read more about VIP Here.
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