Tof exp Exports Quest

This Quest requires an insane amount of traveling so get a speed buff. Best to get some help for the Orca part.

  • Location: New Royale
  • Reward: Experience
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to New Royale and speak with Captain Abel. He is located in the Pub.
  • Part 2: Travel to Roycroft and speak with Xavier. He is located in a building in the South side of town.
  • Part 3: Return to Captain Abel in New Royale.
  • Part 4: Speak with Little Jimmy in New Royale. He is located in the center of town.
  • Part 5: Speak with Scarlet in Roycroft. She is located North West of town.
  • Part 6: Return to Little Jimmy in New Royale.
  • Part 7: Travel to Newtown and speak with Big Dan. He is located East of the bank.
  • Part 8: Kill 50 Panthers. Return to Big Dan when you have finished.
  • Part 9: Travel to Josody and speak with Captain Garland. He is located near the dock.
  • Part 10: Kill 50 Orcas. Return to Captain Garland.
  • Part 11: Travel to Valmond and speak with Captain Lockheart. He is located in the Provision Shop.
  • Part 12: Poison 6 wells in Newton. Just click on the wells in town. Return to Captain Lockheart
  • Part 13: Travel to Teylan and speak with Wilheim. He is located in a small hut East of town along the road.
  • Part 14: Travel to Roycroft and go to the Statue on the East dock. Click on it to do your offering. Make sure you click yes!!! Return to Captain Abel for your reward.