Tr exp Forged Skull Shield

The first quest update can take a long time to get for some players, luck of the draw. You can easily become overrun by Ghouls if you let them.

  • Location: Gnobol Manor
  • Reward: Forged Skull Shield
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel towards Farstead Keep and then head East bellow the river to Gnobol Manor. Speak with Adelia Gnobol, he wants you to find his wife and children.
  • Part 2: Kill Ghouls until you get a quest update, Gem. Head south to a fenced in area.
  • Part 3: In the southwest corner there is a small building with a portal inside, step into the portal. You won't be able to unless you have the quest update. Go back up the stairs and you will find 2 piles of bones click on them for a quest update, Otto Gnobol's Diary.
  • Part 4: Return to Adelia Gnobol and deliver the bad news. After head towards the southwest corner of the house and click on the harp (you must have the first task completed to enter). Enter the lower room and click on the right bookcase for your reward. Receive Forged Skull Shield.