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In this section we will cover some of the basics of playing Ashen Empires. If you have any specific questions please ask ingame or go to the the fourms

The following information has been taken from the Player's Guide located at

1.) Travel

Travel in Ashen Empires is largely done on foot. There are portals throughout the world that allow you to teleport between major cities and social hubs. Teleport stones, which are available at the store, are handy items that will allow you to travel quickly between cities and locations.

LSP Portals

King Lotor commissioned several large, granite portals like the one pictured below. These portals are close to major cities and all lead to Lotor's Summar Palace, a large gathering place and social hub of the world. There are granite portals to: Silvest, Krog, Whisperdale, Parian, Khafra, Rahura, Valmond, and Josody.


Blue Portals


There are 6 Blue Portals in the world. These are usually located a short distance from town. These will transport you very far distances.

  • Josody to New Korelth
  • Parian to Vrethpool
  • Redwake/Josody to Parian/Arda (Criminal)

Arena Viewing Portals

To view the Guild Arena, you must enter through one of two portals. One is south of the town of Parian. The other is west from the town of Desprail. These are large granite portals, similar to Lotor's Portals.

Boat Travel

If you have the Tides of Fate expansion, you can also use the many docks throughout the world to travel from place to place on a boat. We will cover boats in more detail in another section.

The Map

There is a map for the world as well as for dungeons; each can be resized and zoomed in/out. Maps helps you see an area of the world that you have already explored. Purchasing "Map Reveal" or "Dungeon Map Reveal" from the store will remove the fog of war from your map which will allow you to travel with clear sight.

By right clicking on the map you can create a custom text tag. Right clicking on the tag will let you clear or rename it. Each level of zoom has its own tags, so you can create tags for specific areas or for entire islands.


The Sextant


Some players use the sextant tool, which everyone receives as a beginner, to help them navigate. The sextant will return a coordinate of your exact location at the time of its use into the chat box located in the bottom of your screen. Use this handy item to make a list of important locations such as prime hunting grounds and group meeting points. The website also makes use of the sextant to mark specific locations for quests.

2.) Combat

Combat in Ashen Empires is similar to many games in that the strategy you will use in combat depends on the monsters you are fighting, your weapons/armor, and your skill set. Unlike many other games, however, there is no limit to the number of skills you may train. The orb build you choose will determine which skills you excel at. (you can read more about orbs here). Press "K" to bring up a list of all skills.

Basic Commands

Template:Basic Commands


Melee combat includes all non-magical combat. To attack a creature, first make sure that you have a weapon equipped. If you are firing a ranged weapon such as a sling, a bow, or crossbow, make sure you have the right ammunition equipped. Simply click on the weapon / ammo in your backpack that you wish to equip. Press "Q" to enter attack mode then left click the creature select it; the frame should now be red. Once you have selected it you must be within range for your weapon of choice.

There are many types of weapons you can use in battle. The more you train with a particular weapon type or spell class, the more damage you will deal with that weapon. You can even fight with no weapon if you are truly brave. Below is a table of the combat skills you can train and examples of the types of weapons that can be used with that skill

Template:Combat Skills


Spell casting in Ashen Empires is divided among four schools of magic: Body, Mind, Nature, and Soul. We will cover these in more detail in another section.

First, equip a mage weapon by clicking it in your backpack. These are usually wands or staffs. Each wand or staff has different numbers of rune slots. Low level wands have one or two slots, but high level wands can have up to 8 rune slots. Press "V" to bring up your rune case to see how many slots you have. Using the picture below as an example, my staff has 5 slots.

Last, drag the spell icon from the Spell Book to a Hotkey Bar. If you have the correct runes and weapon equipped, the spell will not be greyed out and you can cast. You do not need to be in attack mode to cast. Just press the icon or corresponding F# to choose, and then target the creature. You can see below that Recharge is in the F4 slot.


High level players with the Tides of Fate expansion may train and use feats. We will cover these in more detail in another section.

There are two general kinds of feats: passive and active. Passive feats give bonuses that will apply automatically. For example, the Body Magic feat Lay Hands gives a bonus 5% healing per point for all healing spells. This applies whenever you cast a healing spell without the need to activate the feat.

Active feats require that you use them in combat to activate them. Active feats often have a timer which you can see on the icon

Hotkey Bars

The hotkey bars allow you to quickly use spells, weapons, potions, feats, and other items. Your basic command bar (type "0" as in zero to bring this up) contains major commands such as view character, view spell book, and so on. You cannot change this bar, but there are 9 other bars (toggled on/off with keys 1-9) that you can customize.

First you must have a hotkey bar open and selected. Press 1 - 9 to open these bars. The selected bar dispalys F1-F12 (in the example below it is bar 2). To set an item/spell/feat to a hotkey, drag it to the bar. Once the bar is selected, hit the F# key for that item. In the example below, if I want to equip my Sword of a Thousand Truths (F1 in the #2 bar) I just press F1.

You can change the orientation of your hotkey bars. Drag a horizontal bar to the right side of the screen to change it to a vertical alignment, and drag a vertical bar to the bottom of the screen to change it to a horizontal alignment.

Pressing ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT will bring up new bars for keys 1-9. In total there are 28 bars; 27 plus the basic 0 bar.

You can set chat commands for your hotkeys. For example, right click an empty slot and choose "Edit." This will bring up a box with four lines. You can type in various commands that will run once you press the hotkey. For example:

[Line 1]/ch test:Check out this %t [Line 2]/attack

This will send text to the "test" chat channel that tells anyone in that channel to check out whatever you are targeting and then it sends you into attack mode. If I am targeting a triddle (by hovering over it or selecting it) that will say: Check out this triddle

You cannot use items that are no longer in your backpack. They will remain in the hotkey but are grayed out (in the example below, my potion of plant growth, a tunic, and a cestus are no available). You also cannot swap weapons or armor unless you have space in your backpack.

note: Sometimes the hotbar gets grayed out for no apparent reason. Sometimes your item will disappear or be replaced with another item. We call this the hotbar glitch so keep an eye out. Maybe one day it will be fixed
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