Ae exp Getting Started Part 2

In this section we will discuss your first steps you take in the game as well as a basic guide of controls and chatting.

1.) Valinor Island

Everyone starts on Valinor Island, a safe haven for young adventurers. You will be able to play for an unlimited time on Valinor Island with a generous cap on your ability to level. This will allow you to experience a select few of Ashen Empires' unlimited possibilities and allow you to get to know your community.

Lord Trembley

Your adventure starts when you find yourself washed up on the shore of Valinor Island. An NPC (Non-Player Character) will speak to you and set you on the right track. Read NPC speech carefully so that you know exactly what you're doing. If you get lost, just speak to that NPC again, they'll be able to show you the right way.

Talk to Lord Trembley to begin your adventure


On Valinor Island, you may see players with VWC in purple text, beside their name. This means they're in a particular guild (see Guilds for more information). In this case VWC stands for Valinor Welcoming Commitee. VWC is the only guild on Valinor, and they have been picked by the Ashen Empires GMs and Developers to help out new players. If you have any problems on the island, do not hesitate to contact them!

VWC members will help you get started and answer your questions

  • VWC members are generally hard to locate these days, if you are in need of assistance just ask away in the chat. More information about the chat is located bellow.

2.) Basic Controls

You need a mouse and a keyboard to play Ashen Empires. Most interaction with items and creatures is done with the left-click. The cursor will change when you are using an item or spell. For a list of more commands while in game, press ESC and then choose HELP.

  • Move your character W, A, S, D keys (or left-click the ground)
  • Speak to an NPC Mouse left-click
  • Target a creature Mouse left-click
  • Use an item Mouse left-click
  • View information on an item or creature Mouse right-click
  • Move items Left click and drag
  • Open a corpse/body for looting Space bar
  • Enter Attack Mode Q
  • Toggle Target Protection T
  • Player Character Screen E
  • Options, Settings, Help ESC

For more controls and keyboard shortcuts see Advanced Controls

3.) Chat

You should start talking to other people in the community.

3.1) How to Chat

Join Channel

Join a Channel

  • Right click and hold on chat box, select Join, type in the name of the channel, hit ENTER.

Leave a channel

  • Right click on chat box, select the channel

Start and Send Chat

  • Press ENTER

Scroll through Channels

  • Press ENTER, then TAB

Send a "tell"

  • Type "/t playername Message": This will send a private message that only the targeted player can see.
  • Type "/r Message": Keep in mind this will reply to the last person to sent you a tell.

View Channel participants

  • Type "/who channel name" ex: "/who help"

3.2) Global Channels

The Help Channel will be automatically loaded when you first place. Any channel that you have joined, including Help, will be automatically loaded each time you play the game unless you leave the channel prior to exiting the game.

  • Help - A channel for mostly new players, but can be used by anyone to ask a question and get help.
  • Legends - Global chat channel for the Legends Server
  • Sanctuary - Global chat channel for the Heroes Server
  • Event - Channel often used by GMs and Developers for in-game events

4.) Quick Guide to Valinor

  • Use WASD to move to Duke Randalf, or left click to move to him
  • Left click to speak to Duke Randalf
  • Move East and speak with Lord Trembley
  • Choose a garment (just for looks)
  • Walk south past guards until you reach Sage Haritod
  • You'll gain level 2 speaking to Haritod - congrats! Press E to open char screen and place your 2 new orbs
  • Speak to a Weapons Trainer on the right side of the hall to receive a weapon and quest
  • Speak to a Tradeskill Trainer on the left side of the hall to receive free tradeskill equipment and a quest
  • Walk West of Haritod and speak with a banker
  • Walk South of Haritod until you reach Captain of the Guard - major quest giver
  • Press ENTER, type something, and press ENTER again - you've spoken in the say channel!
  • Walk South of the Captain of the Guard until you are outside of town; press Q to enter attack mode
  • Find a creature with a red name and left click it - you should be attacking it now!
  • Explore the island and speak with all the NPCs you find for quests and tips

You may leave Valinor Island at anytime. Travel East of Haritod and speak with the Island Steward to leave Valinor. Make sure you refer to Entering Mainland before you leave Valinor.

For a more indepth guide to Valinor see Valinor Island
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