Tof exp Jenkins Boots

Jenkins Boots are a must have for most players. This quest is easily done, but it doesn't hurt to have help for the Goblin Pirates part.

  • Location: Roycroft
  • Reward: Jenkins Boots
  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Part 1: Travel to Roycroft and speak with Crocker. He is located in the basement of the guard house on the West side of town.
  • Part 2: Kill Goblin Pirates until you get a Quest Update.
  • Part 3: Speak with Jenkins. He is located in the Armor Shop on the West side of town.
  • Part 4: Speak to Constable Hubert. He is located on the Southern side of town near the archway.
  • Part 5: Return and speak with Jenkins.
  • Part 6: Return and speak with Constable Hubert for your reward.