Soc exp Key to Dragon Land

Also known as The Dragon Quest, this quest is more involved than other quests and will take you a quite while to finish. Grab help when hunting Fire Elementals and the boss, Lava Mold. When hunting the Fire Elementals it would be a good idea to do the 35 Fire Dusts, 50 Fire Dusts, and 200 Fire Elementals Quests at the same time. If you fail a trade skill task at any point you will need to start over from the beginning. You must have at least lvl 30 in the following trade skills: Weaving, Leather Working, Iron Forging, Jewelry Making. Remember to use magical tools and it is recommended to have a skill level higher than 30 to ensure you don't fail.

  • Location: Khafra
  • Reward: Access to Dragon Land
  • Boss: Lava Mold
  • Difficulty: Difficult

The Gaurdian
  • Part 1: Travel to Kahfra and speak with The Guardian. He is a large red dragon located half way to the coast South from town. He sits in front a huge statue, hard to miss.
  • Part 2: Collect 10 Large Caiman Hearts. These No-Drop items are dropped by Large Caimans. You may already have some if you have started any of the Perfect Caiman Hide Quests. If not then travel to Rahura, they are located East of town along the river. Save any Perfect Caiman Hides you loot for the 80 Perfect Caiman Hides, 100 Perfect Caiman Hides, and 250 Perfect Caiman Hides Quests. Return to The Guardian and drop the Large Caiman Heats on him. Receive 165k Experience.
  • Part 3: He gives you a hair off his back (ew gross) and tells you to make it into a Pure Crystal. Here is how to do it. You must be at least level 30 in Weaving, Leather Working, Iron Foraging, Jewelry Making in order to do this. If you fail you will have to start over from the Hearts again. Return to The Guardian and drag and drop the crystal on him. Receive 250k Experience.
    • 1.) Weave the Hair on the loom to make it into a Woven Dragon Hair Swatch
    • 2.) Travel to an Obelisk and use Leather Working on the Woven Dragon Hair Swatch to make it into a Hardened Dragon Swatch.
    • 3.) Travel to a Rune Spire and use Iron Forging on the Hardened Dragon Swatch to make it into a Crystal Mold.
    • 4.) Lastly use Jewelry Making on the Crystal Mold to make a Pure Crystal.
  • Part 4: Next he'll want you to kill Desert Giant Nobles until a Large Gold Coin drops in your backpack: This may take you some time depending on your luck. Keep in mind that you do not need to have this part started to be able to loot this coin. Return to The Guardian and drag and drop the coin on him. Receive 330k Experience.
  • Part 5: Kill Lava Mold, the Fire Elemental Boss. Have a buddy or 2 help you on this part. Return to The Guardian when you are finished. Receive 400k Experience.
  • Part 6: Obtain Master of Elementals (2500 Elemental kills). This will take you some time, have a few buddies help. Remember to save Fire Dust you loot for the 35 Fire Dusts and 50 Fire Dusts Quests. Return to The Guardian when you are finished. Receive 500k Experience.
Ancient Tongue
  • Part 7: Travel to the Gatekeeper. He is located in far North of Rahura beyond the river. Speak the following words to him.
    • 1.) 'Egoth'
    • 2.) 'Ugz jallgz og'
    • 3.) 'sg moggreh.'
The Gatekeeper

Congratulations you now have access to Dragon Lands.
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