Tof exp Maturin

This Quest will require a lot of walking to many towns so be prepared.

  • Location: Roycroft
  • Reward: Experience/Gold
  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Part 1: Travel to Roycroft and speak with Maturin. He is located in The Noble Turtle Pub on the West side of town.
  • Part 2: Travel to Dunmarrow and speak with Bonden. He is located in the Sunset Cafe in the South side of town. Dunmarrow is a town directly South of Josody. Along the way watch out for Necropolis, city of the undead, if you are a low level player.
  • Part 3: Travel to Valmond and speak with Clarissa. She is located in The Green Barrow Tavern on the North West side of town, just South East of the farms.
  • Part 4: Travel to the Pirate Fort South of Varg to Scalo's Den in the far South West building of the fort. Take a ladder to the upstairs and speak with Brisbane for your Reward.