Ae exp Orbs and Attributes

Ashen Empires is one of the few role-playing games to give players complete control over their character. You are able to learn any skill or feat that you want. Your proficiency with them only depends on your attributes. Here we will briefly explain what orbs and attributes are, they're importance, and where they come from.

1.) Attributes

There are four Attributes in Ashen Empires: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), and Constitution (CON). Below is a basic list of the four stats and how they impact your character's abilities. Attributes Description

2.) Orbs


When you create your character and each time you gain a level, you will gain orbs which you can then place in one of the four Attributes. Keep in mind that if you are a warrior then pump all your orbs into STR until you hit 100. If you are a mage then pump all your orbs into INT until you hit 100. If you are an archer you don't necessarily want to put all orbs into DEX right away, start with INT or STR first. See Player Builds for more info on where to place your orbs and what your end result should look like.

3.) Skills

These attributes also impact your ability to perform both combat and crafting Skills. For instance, strong players will be more apt to fight with melee weapons and find blacksmithing to be easier, dexterous players will excel at fly casting and skinning and ranged weapons, while more intelligent players are better at spell-casting, leadership, and baking. See Skills and Tradeskills for more info on which attributes affect which skills.

4.) Bonus Orbs

Bonus orbs are extra orbs in which are a temporary enhancements to your attributes. You can get bonus orbs from Foods and Drinks, Totems, Spell Buffs, and select Weapons and Armor.

5.) Town Orb

You will receive a free orb when aligning yourself to a town. This free orb will allow you to advance to 101 in an attribute which will open your character up to new weapons and armor. See Entering Mainland for more info.

6.) Need help?

The forums is a good place to ask questions about specific builds and orbs. There you can find guides that go into detailed discussion about orbs and attributes. If you wish to reset your orbs when you have more experience, you may purchase an "Orb Reset" or a "Runeshard" from the store. Orb Resets are expensive, be careful the first time around when placing your orbs. You can find more info about that in [Store and Tokens].
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