Ae exp Quests

Whether you are a new to Ashen Empires or a Veteran, there are loads of quests at your disposal. Some quests are easily mastered on one's own while others will require a team effort. This database has been broken down in several sections for easy browsing. The amount of experience rewarded for quests will vary depending on your level, power hours, and which server you play on. So please be aware that the reward experience shown may not be exactly what you receive. Most reward experience shown is based of of power hour and Legends Server.

With the update came a series of changes and bug fixes, I will update the site periodically to reflect those changes. Also it is very important to know that the names on the website are not the same as the names in the quest log in game. I may or may not change the names to the quests as it is going to be an insane amount of work. You can visit Changes to see which pages have been updated.

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