Ae exp Sweetness

Sweetness is a chicken. A talking chicken.

  • Location: Dawat
  • Reward: Gloves of Sleight
  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Part 1: Travel to Dawat and head East of the city where you will find a chicken not too far out. Speak to it. Yes Speak to it. With alot of 'clucking' Sweetness will tell you about Arvanion in Arda caught him stealing corn and had his alchemist turn him into a rooster! He asks you to help him since the orcs will not. He will send you to Parian to get a 'Withering Flower' that has magical healing properties. He doesn't know where to find it but a waitress named Diega at the Tavern can help.
  • Part 2: Head to Parian and find Loeband's Pub. It is on the East side of town a few buildings beneath the East entrance. There is a dock with no bell bellow it and and mage shop to the left. Talk to Diega and tell her a rooster send you. Oh boy looks like you been duped! She goes on to explain that he is just a talking rooster and likes to get gullible people such as yourself to fetch a drink for him. But she decides to help anyway.
  • Part 3: Next head North to the garden area for the Withering Flower. Check out the top right portion and you will get a quest update. Return to Diega to make the drink.
  • Part 4: Return to sweetness. He will complain about the cinnamon she added in. After a few lines of text he will give you your reward. Receive Gloves of Sleight