The Spore Summoner

You must complete this quest before starting the Trevor Jopkins Quest (The Master Quest). You will need several Potion of Lycanthropy for part 2. There's alot of walking between distant towns, make sure you have a speed buff. You will need help kill the boss, The Spore Summoner.

  • Location: WWI / Lycanth
  • Reward: Experience
  • Boss The Spore Summoner
  • Difficulty: Difficult

  • Part 1: Travel to Werewolf Island, travel to the southern part of the island and locate the overrun town of Lycanth. There will be cave inside the inlet just east of town. Inside you will find an old portal and an npc An Old Miner. He wonders where the portal leads to and tell you to seek out Terrance Jaffy in Parian.
  • Part 2: Travel to Parian and speak with Terrance Jaffy. He is located in the first house just bellow the eastern bank. He will tell you that he believes the portal and the "Were" problem are connected. He sends you back to WWI to locate a Werewolf Matriarch Skull. Receive 50k Experience. Kill Werewolf Matriarchs until you get a quest update. Return to Terrance for your reward. Receive 150k Experience.
  • Part 3: Next Terrance will send you to Arda to to deliver a potion recipe to Darius Kyle. He is located in the magic and potions shop in the topmost room. Darius will spew out some dialogue and create a potion. Receive 50k Experience.
  • Part 4: Next Darius will send you back to WWI to deliver this potion to Franklin Anders. This experienced hunter can be located just above the graveyard in Lycanth. He will ask you to kill The Spore Summoner. Receive 150k Experience.
  • Part 5: The Spore Summoner lives deep in the caves, you will need a hand bringing him down. This is a special type of boss, he does not move and spits out mooks to attack you whenever you attack him. With 128k health (that's right!) this fungoid will take a long time to die. He has a 24 hour timer in which players camp him, it may take you a while to locate him in general. Return to Franklin when you kill him for your reward. Receive 500k Experience.
  • Part 6: For your last bit of dialogue Franklin will tell you to seek out Trevor Jopkins. This will be another quest of it's own, The Trevor Jopkins Quest