Ae exp Updates and Patches

I will be posted Update and Patch Notes in this section from the forums and discord. If you have questions, concerns, bug reports, or wish to learn more information please visit the AE Discord

Update 5.29.20

Thanks for your patience as we get the servers updated with new code and spun up. We did not anticipate having to move to new hosting, but that's what had to happen. Zarq also ran into the steam integration he had started and had to unravel that a bit.

Below is a condensed version of what has been changed since the last update. We had originally planned to incorporate more into this update, but would like to do more frequent and smaller updates/patches as this is more sustainable for our dev team. Being said, the next update will include some other fixes, additions, changes that go beyond quests and low level balance, etc. This is in anticipation of putting AE on Steam, so we are going to tighten up gameplay up through levels until things are right. If you want to see more detailed notes, read up in the development channel on discord.

Quests Window

  • When you press L, you will be able to view your current and completed quests.
  • There is a flyout on the top left you can open and close to show filters, which you can select to build custom list of your quests.
  • Active Quest stages can be popped out for convenience (similar to skills).
  • There are still a few minor resizing and filtering issues that we plan to patch but did not feel they were big enough to prevent this update.
  • In a related note; the skill window now resizes more smoothly. The Quest window uses the same code and Zarq touched up both of them.


  • A very significant database transform script has been applied. This involved several years of combing through quests and integrating them into the quest log.
  • Certain quests which use flags will be patched next week. There are about 25 of the 236 quests that used flags instead of data. You can take these quests and if you have never done them they will show up in Quests window just fine, but if you had completed them or are in progress, you won’t see it until next week or two when we patch it. Sorry for the inconvenience there; they are mostly low level quests aside from Valekar’s Fortress, and we decided it was not a big enough issue to prevent us from moving forward. Flags were a “legacy” system and so mostly applies to mainlands quests.
  • We took care in making sure that quest data was preserved, though please be patient as there could be some issues with stages being not what they should be. We have a backup of the data to refer to in case something got totally whacked. If you find a stage that is incorrect, please post in bugs #quests.
  • Dransik Trading Mercenary Quests will appear in log when you take a new quest. If you are currently on a quest, you can complete it, but will not appear in quest log.
  • If you were in the middle of collecting death caps for the Ancient Wizard in ‘shroomland, you will have to start that over. Sorry. That quest was all kind of tangled up.
  • Artonian Spies have better chance to drop plans.
  • A few quests were given different endings; as a result, the Jenkins quest in Roycroft can be taken again (enjoy another pair of boots!).
  • Patrons have been retooled. Experience given has been adjusted up, faction rewards given have been adjusted (more random), faction requirements for gear have been lowered down. Patron armor was also updated to be more appropriate for mid level players.
  • Many quests experience has been adjusted up.
  • Shadow quest near Krog gives out all pieces of Shadow gear.
  • Dynamic Quest (chalice) Xp was adjusted (only one was adjusted down, others up). Some now give item rewards as well from various groups of weapons. They also do not poof when talking to someone.
  • Intro quest text (Duke Randolf --> Sage Haritod) got some flava. Not a big change. No tutorial from Sage yet....


  • The leadership system has been modified. The type of creature you can tame depends on your highest stat (not including con). If you have two stats equal, you can tame creatures from both tables. If three, you can tame creatures that you meet the other requirements for.
  • Str: Humanoids
  • Dex: Creatures/Vermin/etc
  • Int: Undead/demons
  • Not all creatures are tameable, but it is a much expanded list.
  • No gear has been added but there are plans to add some in the next update that will allow you to tame more creatures.
  • Follower window now includes option to FLEE when stuff starts getting hot and you need to bolt without Mr. Follower picking battles with everyone in his way.
  • Follower inventory now can be displayed, if the creature can hold items. Whether they can and how much they can hold depends on each creature’s type and size.
  • Followers stay when you log, though they will get a new name. Any items stay in there during logging, also.


  • Goblins have new SFX (thanks DrMeme!)


  • Many thanks to Chaotic for new GUI elements for Quests and Followers windows!!
  • A lot of behind the scenes work training up on the software used by AE to generate and hook up art (esp mobs). We do have some white fish swimming around Valinor as a trial.
  • More art to come in next update.


  • No new items; adjustments to some quest gear:
  • Shadow set (up)
  • Island boots and helm (up)
  • A few heavy Orcish weapons (weight down)
  • Patron gear (down)


  • Several encounters were modified particularly in newbie areas around Krog/Silvest/Whisperdale.

Patch Notes 5.31.2020

  • Fixed crasher with NPC corpses
  • Fixed Graal portal
  • Typo in Duke Randolf dialogue
  • Dragon bug fixed (code was looking for old negative data value to see if you could be there killin dragons)
  • Added notes to help on how to open Quest log

Patch Notes 6.1.2020

  • Guards added to LSP
  • Map fix for NPC Raff (a double)
  • Sailor's Bet quest now can be completed
  • Ancient Follower HP raised from 100 --> 2K range. Poison attack added
  • Lotor/Chaos Knight and DTM print to chat when something has been killed for the quest
  • Flying creatures can no longer attack boats and vice versa

Patch Notes 6.3.2020

  • Various Shopkeepers fixed
  • If on stage 2 of Haflah quest (return with hides) you can still collect hides, in case somehow you got on that stage in the data transform
  • Fix a few map spots missing terrain (dragon cave, horned one land)
  • Sonic Flyers back flyin' near Silvest
  • Legendary plate stats updated to reflect realistic lvl req.
  • Hunter Renguard text fixed to say player's name
  • Guards in LSP now doing they jobs
  • Lotorian Faction quest fixed at both spots (after finding guards --> McFisto, after collecting badges --> Fitz)
  • Wretched Ones and Nightmares count as demons for all kill count quests
  • Timothy Jager quest gives update upon collecting final crate
  • Etrois now hands out her reward. If you already completed it, go talk to her. She will hand you the reward.
  • Fallen Warriors monument (statue in LSP just south of bank) updated :cry: This includes names of players that have passed away. DM a DEV if you have a name to add to the list.

Patch Notes 6.4.2020

  • Fixed Guild deed transfer - removed requirement that the recipient have a guild hall to transfer the deed. Now you can transfer to another guild member, but they must have completed the guild quest in order to be the leader.

Patch Notes 6.7.2020

  • Can heal followers with bandages
  • Health of followers in the Follower window is now updating in real time
  • Taming a creature casting a spell will not make you temp upon being tamed
  • Followers no longer fight with each other upon being tamed (get along, guys!)
  • Followers will now attack other players instead of just standing there
  • Existing followers will no longer just stand there when new followers are tamed
  • Quest in Arda to kill Ogres given by Bucky Brown now gives Helm of Strength (+20 STR) instead of Plate of the Golem
  • Black Widow Hatchling spawn fixed near Whisperdale
  • Flesh Blobs spawn bumped near Whisperdale, Krog, and Silvest
  • Orc Warmongers spawn bumped near Silvest
  • Faldon the Dwarf King now spawning regularly. Would like to have him do something more interesting, at some point. Enjoy a new boss to hunt!
  • Nithhogr can no longer be bowed through the wall (though try and let me know if not!)
  • Skry Scrolls are officially retired. If you have one, when you click it, it will give you option to exchange it for one of several items of comparable token value.
  • Mage Shop building in LSP fixed
  • Monument for Fallen warriors had to be expanded due to limited size of space to enter names in the old statue. New monuments are in Lotor’s Private Garden (used to be Game Reserve)
  • A few more NPC shopkeeps fixed (in Hammerfist)
  • Heilige Lance is now dropping. Y'all will have to figure out where it’s dropping from. Do not ask me!

Patch Notes 6.12.2020

Another database transform was applied for the quests that use flags. They are as follows:

  • Artraxis (should be set to complete not stage 9 now)
  • Adelia Gnobol is losing it
  • Draneth
  • All of the “book” quests (if you are on one, you can now complete it)
  • Zarowyn/Jhulara quests
  • William the Younger
  • Valekar’s Fortress quest
  • Vadren and her shinies
  • Shadow Temple guy lost some book pages now he’s in twouble
  • Prudge’s sewer is donk
  • Hemrich has some beef with Scalo
  • That one quest where they guy gives you limes
  • Russell the axe trainer (Flataga Mines)
  • Raglnak the sword trainer (Silvest)
  • Quest to kill pirates in Varg
  • Moklad the doomed bat hunter
  • Mirthik the polearms trainer
  • Warrog, priest of Krog
  • The kobold prisoner
  • Kill the thieving Kobold King
  • Ivogur’s mine
  • Commander Garwyk
  • Ettin the shady guy outside Chlera

Other Quest Bugs

  • You can switch starting cities and get all of the patron gear if you so desire.
  • Required faction points for patron armor were adjusted down; designed to be able to acquire with normal gameplay around level 40-45. So if you have a lot of points saved up you may get several items in a row from the Lady of your town.
  • Newbie Weapon trainers now recognize epool.
  • Redwake quest to kill Astari spies has been adjusted – the spawn of spies and the chance to drop plans.
  • Lotorian Knight et all no longer send you a message when you log in.
  • Lotorian Knight quest no longer counts down weirdly in the quest window.
  • Players were somehow put on both faction quests; there is a fix to handle this when you speak to him (invisible to players but it will clear the other faction quest for you so you).
  • Fix for Sonic Flyer quest (should be 40 not 50).

Misc Stuff

  • The math behind treasure drops was adjusted. There was some funky stuff going on there.
  • Innkeeper Kenzie in Newtown will let you stay the night at her lovely Inn on the beach.
  • New Mainlands quest for totem of the wolf pup in Whisperdale from NPC Zerev and his pooch.
  • Ancient follower hit the gym; did not skip leg day this time. Beefier than ever!
  • New sound effects from DrMeme for King Lotor, Fighters, Dwarves, Cultists, Pirates, Astari Assassins and Inquisitors, Artonians.
  • Issue with tradeskills artificially boosted by exiting during crafting process prior to using the adjustment item.
  • Holy Order Legs no longer make you look naked.
  • Wearing a skin no longer makes your backpack shrink.
  • Certain items were greyed out upon login; that should be fixed now (werewolf totem, stamina totem).
  • A fix for skill window save state.
  • Named followers for chalice quests now use name instead of type.

Patch Notes 6.13.2020

Client Patch Only

  • Title Music plays on intro to game, if music is on* Skill window crasher
  • Skill window saves position
  • Loading Bar
  • Wereskin Knife, Skinning Knife, Magic Skinning Knife have a chance to degrade upon success [100 - ((dex+skill)/2)], minimum of 1%
  • Dragonian Skinning Knife is excluded from degradation on success

Patch Notes 6.14.2020

Client Patch Only

  • See if you can figure it out, it took me a couple hour of debugging to get this one as it only happened in release mode
Arun figured it out first: Initial hovering over the server icons does not load entire font system.

Patch Notes 6.15.2020

Client Patch & Scripting patch

  • Quest logs kill #'s are now in sync with the quests
  • Skill Box crasher
  • still have some weird edge case that makes it semi-disappear, re-log will fix it, but i'm trying to reproduce it
  • wanted to get the crasher fix out

Patch Notes 6.18.2020

Client Patch

  • Long pause when entering the game. (Was only apparent when you had a lot of quests)

Patch Notes 6.23.2020

  • Fixed map issues in ToF islands
  • Additional security in Newtown bank
  • Hell’s bane animations adjusted
  • Werewolf Matriarch drops bumped slightly
  • DTMs give you correct # in quest window (was saying Kill 1 creature)
  • Several low level quests not giving feedback for missed attempts so that you know when you are in the correct area (Shadow Temple book of agon pages, redwake Astari Spy)
  • Guard in Josody now updating to the correct town alignment
  • Options to show/hide NPC names now saving after you log
  • Newly gained skills should now appear in skill window
  • Upped value cap on transmute spell (6K)
  • Can no longer go through barriers or traps (eastern gate, dragon gate, Muk dungeon spike traps, etc) using the Use cursor
  • Vessel of Isos is ready to get whacked; must be on Disciple of Talazar quest to change the world to darkness
  • Hammerfist Mines backdoor entrance now just an exit to work around quest anachronism

Patch Notes 6.23.2020

Client Patch

  • Quest Log Floaters are properly sized
  • Popups are over objects
  • Orb/Essence allocation does not rollover back to 0
  • Data file security addressed

Patch Notes 6/29/2020

  • Bosses no longer spawning in walls (GoL, Projection of Kuthos, etc) GM QuanYin and GM Baldr breathe a sigh of relief
  • Dynamic quest NPCs hit points adjusted up to 200+ range.
  • Crumbled wall section in the Dwarven mine city was trapping player bodies; has been fixed
  • Knight of Chaos when relogging no longer says kill # unknowns
  • Chaos and Lotor knight quests when cancelled no longer in your quest log until you relog
  • Newbie weapon quest details were not being sent to chat after accepting quest.
  • Quest with branching stages were not sending stage information (Ivogur crate collecting quest, tree sample collecting, etc)
  • Extended range of ghost kills that count for Father Augustan quest
  • Newbie trainers needed exp no longer being decremented by other skills and quest xp
  • Newbie Trainer quests, upon relogging, were telling you to return to trainer even if not done with that stage
  • Patrons were giving quest if you had chosen their city as destination even if not aligned
  • “Return to me after you have slain….” Grammar issue on plural kills
  • Fixed issue where player object in boats could be targeted by monster AoE spells
  • Stackable no drop items can no longer be traded
  • Attacking Dynamic Quest NPC gave you good align credit for kill
  • Can no longer Target Dynamic Quest NPCs with Target protection on
  • Adjusted Krog encounters
  • Fixed newbie entry gate so that you can't go past with the fishing rod.
  • Adjusted Muk trap damage to random value between 200-300 dmg
  • Adjusted transmute value to 15K
  • Adjusted Renzel and Hemrich quest xp up
  • Added gold received message in Jodrich quest
  • Fixed Kobold lake quest (finding pages on brigands)
  • Can finish the guild quest if you are in a guild, but you will not get a chance to create a guild unless you are NOT in a guild. This allows players to be given the guild deed without having to disband. There is still a 250K cost.
  • Chat from NPCs is now being logged.

Patch Notes 7.18.2020

Misc Fixes

  • Fixed bug that resulted in player invisibility
  • Lots of clean up on the Knight of Talazar event to make it flow and work properly
  • New NPC in LSP: Wizard Blunderstone. Exchanges event item “Rune Fragment” for gold, item restoration tools, or runeshard.
  • Boats could attack one another on L
  • AoE spells now follow player’s Target Protection settings

Item Adds/Changes

  • Added +2 int to small sash.
  • Added Soul Pact ring
  • Added new art for ant legs, werewolf claws, warg claws, hell hound claws, wolverine claws, snagglefang’s claw.
  • New no drop item “Rune Fragment” for the Knight of Talazar event.
  • removed item no drop on large knapsack
  • Weapon and Armor artifacts adjusted to be viable end game items

Krog area balancing

  • Added items to alchemy shop: yellow silk robe, wizard hat, mage wand/scepter, toothwand, small sash, potions of repair and stamina.
  • added marsh light spawn
  • add potions to shops
  • bump to gold given in Krog area quests
  • add faction point rewards to single quests
  • bump xp on alchemist singaford quest
  • Various polish details on quests and npc chat
  • Fixed double chat message in Sewer quest
  • add reward to sewer quest - large knapsack.

Quest Fixes/Balance

  • Upped Shargar quest reward.
  • lowered number of mobs on patrons to 35, min 20.
  • Patrons now give higher faction reward.
  • Newbie thrown weapon and polearms trainer now working properly
  • Fixed issue on "finish your task with your other trainer" text
  • DTM updates in chat when you kill a creature for the quest
  • Fixed infinite xp for guild quest
  • Fixed player response on stage 2 of galen quest (I took his life, but his soul) should have been on two lines in prompt.
  • Guardian now looks for failed stage if you have failed to craft the pure crystal.
  • Chaos knight updates appropriately.
  • Updated some newbie dynamic quests
  • Fixed finish your quest with your chery newbie trainer bug
  • Fix for shipwreck quest.
  • Some grammar and formatting changes in a few low level quests
  • Fixed whisperdale emissary (spore quest) bug on stage 11 where there was no convo and got players hung waiting to talk.


  • Scaled back poison damage on scorpions (cut duration in half)
  • Knight of Talazar brought up to 2020 level boss stats
  • Deep shadows upped near whisperdale
  • Adjusted kobold chief (better item drop chance)

Patch Notes 8.27.2020

We have been busy with a few very large system changes that were tedious and not terribly interesting to mention; but basically, in order to get the game ready for a new server, we had to rebalance all sub 100 weapons as well as retool all of those corresponding drop tables. Mobs will now typically drop items that reflect their level more accurately. Many weapons were removed from drop tables, though a majority of them can still be crafted. Drop rates for lower level mobs have increased (no more .03% chance to get a rapier of the cat). Another system change was made to the way randomness was seeded (maybe Zarq will elaborate if you are to ask him…).

I would also like to announce that we will be officially RETIRING the Heilige Lance from drop tables. It is no longer dropping from any monster in game; therefore, if you have them, consider them to be a commodity which will not be coming back! Measuring cups have also been removed; an innocuous item that was useless, but hey, you can put them on your shelf and let them catch dust if you have them. Look for future patches to retire and introduce gear to keep things interesting!

And finally…though many of our changes to date have been to clean up the game and the new Quest window and Leadership systems, for all the 105+ players…hearken thine ears!!

Zule has long awaited a chance to strike back at the many enemies that stalk his lair! Drawing on an ancient power found deep in the mine, he has trained a force of warriors to repel invaders that want to lay claim to his treasure horde. . .

Enjoy a new challenging adventure there and among other ToF giantkin…


  • Gloves and cloak of archmage now req level 50 (adjusted down)
  • Sandals of the fleet now req level 30 (adjusted down)
  • Updated Boots of the Traveller orbs stats and small speed boost
  • Adjusted mob drop tables for all sub 100 drops again to match mob level more closely
  • Updated stats on patron (city faction) gear
  • Added new magic tradeskill tool item/shield
  • Low level players (10+) have craftable set of leather, wool, or steel armor
  • Some helms were lookin donk’ on Female player models (Helm of Magma, et al). Corrected.
  • Various weapon specials adjusted for balance
  • 3 new high level gear sets


  • A few bosses have been adjusted for difficulty
  • Plague toad adjust
  • Added termigon warriors to the Krythan termigon spawn
  • Adjusted Ettin Island
  • Fixed Horned Devil spawn in Tserith dungeon
  • Several generic NPC names fixed (no more bankers, merchants, etc). Maybe a few more lingering so if you see some out there in the world (esp NPCs that use a monster skin) lmk
  • Added skeletal mage to Undead creature category for DTM count


  • NEW Follower option: Assist. Followers target what you target
  • If base attribute is >= 100, can tame creatures aligned with those orbs
  • Followers on Protect will start protecting after you get attacked (even if not damaged)
  • Followers should stay and not TP when on Stay mode
  • Removed camel herd check, added level check instead
  • Added several new Items that augment leadership abilities when used or equipped
  • Added goblin runt and shaman runt to trainable types (str).


  • Fixed experience bug on some quests
  • Newbie Trainers now displaying correct needed exp and handing out appropriate rewards
  • Dynamic (Chalice) Quests adjusted in a variety of locations (Krog, Whisperdale)
  • Fixed Kobold Attack quest so that you can talk to Lowe's again if you fail
  • Fix for Lotorian Knight quest when it is cancelled
  • Fix for Artraxis quest (if you had previously completed it, it appeared as if you still need to talk to Darok. Once you talk to him it will correct itself)


  • Updated smelter's gloves to be armor and fit into armor cabinet
  • New magic tradeskill item


  • Newly added skills now appear in skill window as they are obtained
  • Adjusted heal value of bandage and timer on bandage and healing pot.
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